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bankcda is North Idaho’s ONLY local bank. What does that mean? It means your money never leaves North Idaho. It means if you want to talk face-to-face with the person making the decision on your loan application, you can. It means valuable relationships with unique ways to garner business banking advice, in your bank branch. It means local tellers with community pride that know your NAME.

Knock enjoys every aspect of working with bankcda. Our collaborative business relationship shows in every campaign that designed.

Website Hosting and Updates

Knock works with bankcda to keep their website updated and important communication to their clients organized and clean. Knock also hosts the website, offering valuable security reports to ensure the website is safe, secure and reliable.

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Knock consistently comes up with creative marketing campaigns highlighted in social media, radio, newspaper, magazines, podcast sponsorships, online ads, tee-shirt design, creative email marketing and everything in between.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management isn’t just about a post, it is about communicating the right message at the right time, to the right people, for the right reason. Our social media campaigns don’t just focus on features, but we focus on the benefits for each viewer. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.  And of course, tangible results.

Marketing Management

We are no “one trick pony” when it comes to marketing management. Knock Marketing + Design works hard for the team at bankcda- negotiating media contracts like radio and newspaper, focus-grouping campaigns, handling all internal collateral printing, email marketing, photography, and strategic consulting. One local business finding peace with using another local company to be successful.  bankcda knows Knock Marketing + Design is just around the corner and ready to work at a moment’s notice.

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