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Creative Alliance Group was born in the construction industry. For more than 15-years, Creative Alliance Group has provided clients with Construction Partnering and consulting services specifically designed for the construction industry. Over the course of 12 years, Knock Marketing + Design has worked with Creative Alliance Group on 2 rebrandings, 2 websites, and numerous collateral pieces to assist in their good work for Construction Partnering on the West Coast. Our strong relationship with Owner, Leonard Steinberg, makes Knock the first phone call he makes when he needs anything and everything to ensure his business continues to be the most successful in his field.

Logo Design

Knock created the first logo for Creative Alliance Group in 2009 but recently gave them a new, contemporary identity. Creative Alliance Group understands the importance of staying visually relevant and “keeping it fresh”. We designed a logo to show that CAG can open doors to potential with elements of a C, A and G.

Website Design

Knock designed a fresh new look for CAG by developing a fully responsive website with a time-lapse video of a building project to showcase the work culture CAG facilitates. Knock consulted with CAG to streamline and organize services so users can pinpoint exactly what they need for their job requirements.

Graphic Design

Knock has designed eye-catching business cards and collateral to assist the team with their face-to-face meetings. Knock continues to assist CAG with designs for business collateral and surveys. The team at Creative Alliance group knows that Knock is always just a phone call away to help with any on-going business needs.

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