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Vanway Crushers

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Knock loved learning about an initiative machine that crushes large rock into road-building size materials, just by driving over it. A linear rock crusher increases productivity by over 200% by eliminating excessive hauling fees. The entire team at Vanway Crushers is smart, witty and ready to market their product to municipalities, government agencies and private land developers. Their new website gave them the platform to do just that.

Website Design

Knock Marketing + Design designed and developed a website that explains what the features and benefits of this rock crusher are. Being complex in nature, most don’t understand immediately what it is capable of. This fully responsive website highlights this company and its mean crushing machine.

Video Editing

Knock Marketing + Design’s talented video editors took raw video footage and edited and branded the videos on the website. These videos are not only used  on the website but are played throughout their trade show display booths and throughout social media.

Vanway Crushers Video Editing

Branded Email Marketing

Branded email marketing works so well for Vanway Crushers. Their beautifully designed branding emails are used for professional follow-ups and mass marketing.

Email marketing has an extensive statistics package available with tangible marketing results. View how many recipients open your email campaign, when they open it, who opens it, and what they click on so you can sub categorize a new list, based on interests, for your next campaign.


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