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Is it Time to Fire Your Marketing Agency and Use AI?

Reddit has done it again. Mesmerized us with it’s amazing content. Are you thinking of firing your marketing agency only to replace it with AI content? It’s all the rage….. If you are ready to laugh, smile, or maybe even cry, check out this article about Myrtle Beach and their quest for a creative tourism campaign without those “pesky” costs associated with a good marketing company. “We welcome our new AI overlords. Introducing the new AI ad campaign for Myrtle Beach.”   Read More….. Click Here to Read Article      

Why Football Season is a Great Time to Advertise

It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day and I want to do anything but work. I have looming deadlines and many emails to catch up on. “Stay focused and don’t open the ESPN Fantasy League website.” I unenthusiasticaly open a half-written website proposal and try to pick up where I left off on Friday. A group text from my 12-person league where we begin smack-talking flashes across the upper right side of my computer screen and it makes me smile. Watching football all day like my husband is not enjoyable, but when my fantasy players are playing, I am more engaged… Read More

Does Longevity Matter?

For the most part, a marketing company’s success should be measured by innovation cycles, not years. But let’s look at the bigger picture…. More than half of startup businesses will close within three years. 75 percent won’t last five years. So what staying power do businesses like Knock Marketing and Design have that a grim percentage do not? Here are just some factors that attribute to our success. 1. A clear vision and guiding star 2. Staying focused on long-term relationship building 3. Adaptable business strategies that changes with the market 4. Providing consistent level of quality to clients 5…. Read More

An Unsurpassed Guide to Making Sound Business Decisions.

It was 6:08pm and 18 degrees outside. I was exhausted, hungry, and cold but knew I should stop at the mailbox one block from my home to check the mail. The idea of the freezing whistling wind outside gave me chills before I felt it. Winter in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, can be tough. It gets dark at 4pm and the darkness hangs around like a persistent solicitor that you just want to tell to “get lost”. I was feeling low and extremely uninspired when I opened my mailbox to find a multitude of bromidic junk mail. The lack of the… Read More