Do you want to know what keeps me inspired every day? Innovation in companies and people Locally, Nationally and Internationally.
In my marketing business and community involvement, I have met with hundreds of people, companies and organizations that have expressed hopelessness and helplessness in a current world that is uncharted. So many have simply canceled events, fundraisers or have just put their business “on hold” without even a glimmer of adjusting their vision.

This is not the time to be still.
This is not the time to be quiet.
This is not the time to let your emotions paralyze your actions.

The truth is everyone’s business plan/event/fundraiser is being affected- either these things are being slightly modified, postponed, or outright canceled and it is not only taking a toll on the bottom line, it is affecting everyone within the organization emotionally.

If you think innovative ideas are too much work, you may want to consider retirement.

I recently was in a meeting that canceled a large fundraiser due to covid with no conversation about exciting and engaging ways to continue it safely and “differently”.
What an incredibly missed opportunity to innovate.

When an innovative idea was presented to the group, a look of fatigue glazed over the room. The lack of energy punched me in the gut. Unsubstantiated complaints of logistics and timelines were quickly vomited back.

I have seen this more than I would like to admit- businesses and organizations not wanting to try something new or different.
In my business life, I have been a cheerleader to more disenfranchised hearts within companies and organizations and even though it’s my job, I can only do so much, without a collaboration and excitement to grow….change…innovate.
I recently received an email from a company called Explore America. Many of my friends with kids know this company, that takes 8th grade students to Washington DC. Last Spring our son, Ethan, was set to go on his 8th grade trip with them and because of the pandemic, it was canceled for some and postponed for others. My marketing mind quickly started asking questions. How will they stay in business? How will they retain travelers without having to refund everything?


I am inspired every day by tenacity, just like this company. They want to keep their clients and POTENTIAL clients engaged, excited, inspired, intrigued. They are offering live Instagram feeds- giving the camera to EF staff, partners, and locals around the world so they can highlight exciting destinations. Participants can even jump in with questions as things unfold. Viewers can “Insta-Travel” and explore Greece, Belize, Switzerland… How exciting…and innovative.

I love, love, love, innovation and will continue to live, eat and drink innovation for my clients and community.
If you are feeling paralyzed, waiting for the world to go back to the way it was, step aside. Innovators don’t see more problems, they see more opportunities to rise above the fray and will happily take over for you. I implore you, listen to their ideas and be a part of it. – Christi Fleischman