Does Longevity Matter?

For the most part, a marketing company’s success should be measured by innovation cycles, not years. But let’s look at the bigger picture….

More than half of startup businesses will close within three years. 75 percent won’t last five years. So what staying power do businesses like Knock Marketing and Design have that a grim percentage do not? Here are just some factors that attribute to our success.

1. A clear vision and guiding star

2. Staying focused on long-term relationship building

3. Adaptable business strategies that changes with the market

4. Providing consistent level of quality to clients

5. Education on changing market trends

6. Employing exceptional people


At Knock Marketing and Design, we have kept a guiding star that answers most questions. Questions like, “How should we handle this client situation?” Or, “is this the type of customer service we should delivering?” Our vision may change throughout the 16 years we have been in business but we are nimble enough to get the team on board and head for the new guiding star together. Having a clear vision and sharing it with our clients has kept our relationships strong.

Not only do we focus on long term relationships with our clients, we focus on long term relationships internally. Four of the six exceptional people that work at Knock  have been at Knock for more than 12 years. Owners, Dave and Christi, have been blissfully married for 20 years! Actually, today is their actual 20 year wedding anniversary (4/6/23) and they just renewed their vows with Elvis in Vegas! Long term relationships are the backbone of Knock’s longevity success.

With the inception of Knock, our business strategy was to be the biggest Marketing Agency in North Idaho and Eastern Washington. It then changed to wanting market shares in Seattle, Portland and California. After a couple of years, our guiding star changed yet again. We wanted to be a nimble and flexible small boutique agency so every team member could have a balanced home life, tending to personal goals and family time. Adapting our business strategies to change with the market put us in a comfortable place with long-term local clients AND quality of life.

We don’t have to be the biggest. We only have to be the best.

Our Customer Service and level of service is what has been the strong foundation for over 16 years. Treating everyone the way we would want to be treated and putting ourselves in our client’s shoes all day and everyday is our mindset. One happy client will tell 5 potential new clients and that is how we grow.

Speaking of growing, marketing agencies need to stay on top of every new trend, have a finger on the pulse of the consumer and constantly keeping up with ever-changing technology. It’s fair to say longevity can not be achievable in a marketing agency without constant education in all mediums. Weather it’s an online class with, Linked In, Social Media’s or college classes, we are on top of it.

Does longevity Matter?

Yes. Experience matters. Long relationships and a fear of burning ANY bridges, matters. Client testimonials that tell a story, (not just lip service) matters. Being ingrained in the community with accountability to do the right thing, matters. The goals of our employees to keep strong personal relationships that essentially bleeds over into our work life, matters. (Just ask Dave and Christi about their 20 years of loyal commitment.) Good people matter. That said, in a very real sense, successful survival is the ultimate performance measure.